Troibox White Oath Hive
  • Troibox White Oath Hive

    Hi there,thank you for purchasing my Home Crafted Australian Native Stingless Bee Hives. These native bee hives are constructed mainly from Cypress Pine.  Other materials used are ply wood separators, and lexan viewing panels.


    OATH stands for Original Australian Tetragonula Hive. which means these hives are perfect for both Tetragonula Cabonaria and Tetragonula Hokingsi. These hives are for the avid Native Bee Keeper.


    The first level of the hive is the base box for the brood. The second level has the easy split partition to propagate one hive into two hives and the Third level is the honey super with a clear lexan viewing panel to view your colonies progress.


    All hive segments are glued and nailed.


    Two coats of exterior white house paint with UV protection.


    Hive walls are 50mm thick front and back with 25mm thick side walls floor and roof. Each hive measure approximately 200mm wide x 280mm long x 350mm tall. Each tier has a depth of approximately 100mm.

    • Some Important Things To Keep In Mind

      * Please do not populate your hive until the fresh paint scent has dissipated.
      * Ensure that your hive is positioned safely away from natural disturbances and from children and pets.
      * Set up your hive with the entrance hole facing North East.
      * Set up your hive so there will be shade covering the hive by Midday in Summer.
      * Once you have your colony in the hive tape up the partitions with some clear packing tape for a minimum of two weeks. Take care not to cover the entrance or vent holes.
      * Do some further research on keeping your bees happy and safe.
      * To colonise your hive with bees you will need to purchase from a native bee specialist in your area (I don't sell bees I only make the hives) or scout your property for an out of place colony to populate your Troibox Mighty Oath with.